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Common Carp "The Queen of the Rivers..."

Welcome to my North American Carp Fishing Web Site!

Yes, I fish for Carp on purpose!  And yes, I really enjoy it.  I know that to the average American angler fishing for Carp is an anathema, but throughout the rest of the world the Carp receives the respect it deserves as a large hard-fighting game fish.

My first Carp fishing trip took place in September of 2001.  I was fishing Flaming Gorge Reservoir.  Primarily known for the huge Mackinaw prowling its depths, the "Gorge" as it is known to local anglers also contains some rather respectable Carp.  After about 4 hours, I had landed 5 fish from seven to 23 pounds!  That 23 pounder was the biggest fish of my life.  Never had I had such a large average (14.8 lbs) catch!  I was and still am hooked on Carp fishing.

Here in the U.S. the Carp Cyprinius Carpio is looked upon as a trash fish by most anglers.  While throughout the rest of the world, and especially in the U.K. and Europe, the Carp is considered the king of sport fish.

Isaak Walton, often considered the father of modern angling stated in his opus the "Compleat Angler" in 1653: "The carp is the Queen of Rivers: a stately, a good and a very subtle fish..."

My purpose in creating this web site is to provide a place to disseminate information to carpers throughout North America and the World.  

Additionally, I am certainly no Carp expert.  However, I spend a good share of my time now studying this creature and the methods used to catch them.  This web page allows me to coalesce that information in a form that makes sense to me.  I just don't seem to learn unless I write down what I've learned in an organized fashion

But more importantly, I wanted to give those of you that have never considered the Carp a sport fish, reason to pause and consider that you may be missing some of the most exciting fishing of your life.  That fishing may be located less than a mile from your home in some small pond, canal, river or lake.

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